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xxFrom The Creators Of 'Where's My Water?' Comes 'Where's My Perry?!'

July 02, 2012, 01:12:37 am by Babyfacemagee
Views: 3925 | Comments: 0

What do you if you invent one of the most popular games on both the iOS and Android platforms and need to do a follow-up game?  You create a similar game of course that uses some similar elements of gameplay and even a common title and theme for the game to link it in with your previous success!   And that's exactly what Disney has done with 'Where's My Perry?', their new physics based puzzler that bears a striking resemblance to 'Where's My Water?'.  So what's 'Where's My Perry?' about?  Well let's take a look at the trailer ...

xxTIVO For Tablets: The Ultimate Control For Your DVR Habit

June 21, 2012, 07:28:54 pm by Babyfacemagee
Views: 3485 | Comments: 0

If you're a fan of TIVO you've probably been waiting for the company to come out with a tablet optimized version of their TIVO App.  Well guess what...it's here!   With the new TIVO Android App you can turn your Android tablet or phone into a command center for your DVR.  You can search, browse, discover and share all your favorite programs without even interrupting the program you're currently watching.  You can quickly browse new content, view guides, schedule and manage your recordings, get recommendations...and so much mor...

xxGet Your 'God' Fix With 'Babel Rising 3D'!

June 15, 2012, 08:11:00 pm by Babyfacemagee
Views: 12412 | Comments: 0

Looking for an 'epic' game that's an interesting mash-up between building and destruction genres all with a slightly biblical flair?  Well look no further than 'Babel Rising 3D'.  You literally 'play God' and are determined to prevent us earthlings from building the legendary 'Tower Of Babel' to reach the heavens.  You're armed with a plethora of natural disasters from earthquakes, tornadoes, plagues and wind to meteor showers and epic floods!  The graphics are truly outstanding and the gameplay gets more and more challenging ...

xx'Deeper': The Smart Fish Finder For Android Let's You Catch More, Wait Less!

June 10, 2012, 06:03:11 pm by Babyfacemagee
Views: 3662 | Comments: 0

Back in the day when I, Babyfacemagee was just a wee lad I used to go on fishing trips with my father and brother.  We'd put our bait on the hook and cast our rod and then sit and sit and sit.  Hopefully we'd get a nibble or two and even catch a few fish but overall it was a waiting game with more waiting...and less game.  As I got older with the introduction of fishfinders we would find ourselves catching more and more fish as the technology...and our use of it...got better.  But those fishfinders were big, complex gadgets th...

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