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What do you if you invent one of the most popular games on both the iOS and Android platforms and need to do a follow-up game?  You create a similar game of course that uses some similar elements of gameplay and even a common title and theme for the game to link it in with your previous success!   And that's exactly what Disney has done with 'Where's My Perry?', their new physics based puzzler that bears a striking resemblance to 'Where's My Water?'.  So what's 'Where's My Perry?' about?  Well let's take a look at the trailer and some gameplay footage to get an idea...

Official Trailer - Where's My Perry? App Available Now!

In 'Where's My Perry' you need to use water in all its forms; ice, steam and liquid to solve more than 80 puzzles over 4 chapters...with more promised to come.  You play 'Perry' the platypus, from 'Phineas And Ferb' fame who is a semi-aquatic sleuth known as Agent P.  The puzzles are many and varied.  Cut dirt to guide water and steam across ice, dirt and rock in a variety of levels.  Use lasers left by the evil villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz to change water into its many forms.  You'll use the 'Heat-inator' to turn water into steam or ice into water; the 'Cool-inator' turns water into ice or steam into water;  the 'celebrate-inator' vacuums up water or steam to...well that's a secret for now!  You also collect up to 3 gnomes on each level to become a master spy and also unlock levels.   The graphics are great, the water physics are just as well done or better than in 'Where's My Water?', which is to say really good.  'Where's My Perry?' is definitely worth the 99 cent download and will provide hours of fun.


If you're a fan of TIVO you've probably been waiting for the company to come out with a tablet optimized version of their TIVO App.  Well guess's here!   With the new TIVO Android App you can turn your Android tablet or phone into a command center for your DVR.  You can search, browse, discover and share all your favorite programs without even interrupting the program you're currently watching.  You can quickly browse new content, view guides, schedule and manage your recordings, get recommendations...and so much more...all from the easy to use touch-optimized interface on your tablet.   Here's a short video that runs down even more of the features that are available on both your tablet and phone with the TIVO App for Android.

This video shows many of the features on the Android is similar on your tablet.
TiVo Announces TiVo App for Android at CES

Features (some features are only available to TiVo® Premiere DVR customers):
> Browse the channel guide without interrupting the show you’re watching
- View shows up to 14 days in advance
> Schedule TV show/movie recordings and ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings
> Browse your recorded shows list and play a show from the App
> Find exactly what you want to watch
- Search across TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Blockbuster —and see integrated results on Demand to find what you are looking for
> Explore cast and crew while watching a show
> Comment about what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter
> Use a TiVo remote control replica or our intuitive, gesture-based remote control
> Manage your ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings and your To-Do List
- Delete and reprioritize recordings for your favorite shows
> Instantly schedule, search and browse for shows while you’re away from home

Now it goes without saying that TIVO for your Android Tablet is a really powerful control center for everything you usually do on your tv screen, which prevents you from enjoying the show currently playing.  The great convenience of this app is that you can do so much even when you're not at home.  As long as you're connected to the internet...even if you're miles can schedule programs, change things around etc.   There are TONS of features.  Everything from scheduling new recordings, searching across TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster and more.  You can even look at cast and crew information on your tablet WHILE you are watching a show.   It's great for immersing you even further into your entertainment.  With all this great functionality you'd probably expect to have to pay for this terrific app...but's free!  So click the link below or head on over to Play.Google.Com and grab it today if you're a TIVO User.


Looking for an 'epic' game that's an interesting mash-up between building and destruction genres all with a slightly biblical flair?  Well look no further than 'Babel Rising 3D'.  You literally 'play God' and are determined to prevent us earthlings from building the legendary 'Tower Of Babel' to reach the heavens.  You're armed with a plethora of natural disasters from earthquakes, tornadoes, plagues and wind to meteor showers and epic floods!  The graphics are truly outstanding and the gameplay gets more and more challenging as you move through the levels.    Here's some gameplay footage to get an idea of what's in store in 'Babel Rising 3D'.

Babel Rising 3D Official Android Trailer

•   The world’s best 3D graphics available on mobiles and tablets for an epic gaming experience.
•   Punish pretentious Babylonians through 15 missions in the single-player campaign and test your Godly stamina in the survival mode.
•   Master the 4 elements of fire, air, earth and water, each having specific powers.
•   Help your fight with passive powers and divine parchments.
•   Optimized controls for mobiles and tablets with a multi-touch and motion controlled gameplay to easily crush mankind.

Now as the game progresses you level up your powers and become the master of more elements (we suppose you started as a young 'God').  Their's 15 missions in the single-player mode as well as a survival mode.  The game was developed in a joint venture between Ubisoft and AMALtld.  This is a really addictive game that will have you 'playing God' for hours and hours.  Grab it at at the link below.  It's $5 and well worth the dough. 


Back in the day when I, Babyfacemagee was just a wee lad I used to go on fishing trips with my father and brother.  We'd put our bait on the hook and cast our rod and then sit and sit and sit.  Hopefully we'd get a nibble or two and even catch a few fish but overall it was a waiting game with more waiting...and less game.  As I got older with the introduction of fishfinders we would find ourselves catching more and more fish as the technology...and our use of better.  But those fishfinders were big, complex gadgets that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and they certainly weren't advanced in terms of usability.  Well now we're in a new age, 2012 and technology has advanced to the point where we're all carrying little supercomputers in our pockets called smartphones and reading webpages off of other supercomputers we call tablets.    Finally, a company, FridayLabs, has taken some of our modern day know how and applied it to the good old fishfinder in the form of 'Deeper', the first Android compatible sonar based fishfinder hardware and application you can run right off your Thrive tablet.   Take a look at the video below and you'll learn all about it.

Deeper - smart fishfinder for iOS and Android devices.

Now what I love about 'Deeper' is that it's so small and yet puts the power of true sonar-based fish finding in your power.  Not only that but it works wirelessly and uses the power of your Android tablet or phone to access the great images and data that it transmits.  'Deeper' works in both fresh and salt water.  It You can see the bed of the body of water you're on and of course the sonar's imprint of any fish that are swimming above it along with their location.  You also get water temperature for more accurate info about possible species.  Using 'Deeper' is easy.  You simply attach a fishing line to the waterproof device and cast it to the approximate location that you will be fishing in.  It then pairs the data to your smart device.   When you're done you simply pull the device back to your boat, pier or whatever you're on and go along your way.  The 'Deeper' app will be available for free in the app store shortly but in the meantime you can order 'Deeper' for $25% off for only $149 (full price is $199).  If you're a fan of fishing we'd love to hear from you after you've given 'Deeper' a try and let us know how it works for you.  In the meantime you can find out more information and place your order at the link below.


I would be hard pressed to find an Android gamer that doesn't eventually get around to playing the now classic N.O.V.A. and N.O.V.A 2 first person shooter sci-fi games.   Some of the crown jewels in Gameloft's impressive gaming portfolio, the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance series features the closest thing to an all out 'Halo' experience you're going to find on the Android platform.  Featuring breathtaking graphics, amazing, jaw dropping scenery and cinematic quality cut scenes, N.O.V.A. 3 pushes the bar even higher with new weapons, new enemies, new worlds to explore and the latest in control for multi-player action that is out of this world.   Just take a gander at some gameplay footage in the video below.

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance - Multiplayer Trailer

• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earth after years of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across the galaxy, from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.
• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, and pilot a mech to defeat hordes of enemies.
• Join 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different maps.
• For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside the same vehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield.
• Discover the new FPS benchmark for graphics and gameplay (real-time shadow & lights, particle system, ragdoll physics, etc.)

Now one of the great things about N.O.V.A. is its open world gameplay.   In addition to the 6 multiplayer modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different modes and the awesome first person player option I love just being able to explore the beautiful landscapes and marvel at the architecture and artwork that goes into the making of this game.  The effects are first rate with real-time shadow and lighting effects, particle explosions, ragdoll physics and much more.  The story line starts about four months after the last game ends and has you returning to earth after your battles in the colonies to save mankind.  You'll travel to 10 different levels from earth to a frozen Volterite city.   Definitely hours and hours of quality first rate FPS gameplay here folks.  You can grab it at the link below in


Looking for a full featured audio player that blows the standard media player on Android out of the water?   Well CNET's most downloaded and highly rated media player for Windows has just gotten its official Android release and you're gonna want to tap over to Play.Google to get it right away.  Here's why.   First of all JetAudio has a much wider number of audio codecs that it is compatible with.   Here's a partial list:  .wav to .mpc, .spx, .wv, .ape, and a ton more.  It also offers BBE, BBE ViVA, Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass audio enhancement as well as a versatile 10-band equalizer with 32 presets all designed with a really slick professional looking...and working interface as you can see below.

But far beyond just file compatibility and some effects options, JetAudio also offers dynamic playback options that go far beyond the standard media player.  You can control speed, crossfading, Automatic Gain Control, create music playlists, browse and do searches for music by artist, album, song, playlists or folders and more.   JetAudio for Android is optimized for the touchscreen so you can use 'flick commands' such as flick up to post the playing song to Facebook/Twitter, flick down to show 'now playing', and flick right or left to go to the previous or next song.  There's tons more to go into...and this is just the basic version!  A 'Plus' version will be out shortly so grab it for free at Play.Google below.


Looking for a kick-ass first sci-fi person shooter with all the graphic and gameplay bells and whistles you'd expect from a quality desktop game?  Then put Mass Effect Infiltrator on your short list.   Mass Effect Infiltrator is made by the same team that brought you 'Dead Space', one of the all time bestselling Android action games and this 450mb monster of a game will have you fragging and exploring for hours.  With an all-new original story line that picks up where the original Mass Effect titles left off you'll fight an entire army of high tech enemies using every ounce of skill and guts you've got.  Just take a look at some of the action below.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator for Android Trailer

In Mass Effect Infiltrator you play commander Shepard and your mission is to escape the Cerberus base so you can deliver your research to the alliance and foil an evil invasion of scientifically mutated aliens that are threatening to take over the planet!  You'll spend hours exploring the massive Cerberus base and its surroundings featuring breathtaking graphics and special effects.  Gameplay includes both manual and automated moves.  You'll use tap controls to run, dive, roll, and of course attack massive mechs and experiment victims.  Use a variety of high tech weaponry at your fingertips.  Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities, and hand to hand combat.  If you earn enough points you can unlock the bonus 'Turian' mission and have even more fun!   'Mass Effect Infiltrator' is only $6.99 and you can download it at Play.Google below.


The epic building sensation from the PC  and iOS is now available for Android.  Introducing MINECRAFT Pocket Edition!  Build virtually anything with a veritable laundry list of building materials and tools.  Part game, part design program, at first it might seem strange that a blocky, old style graphics game could be so popular....until you try it.   But once you's incredibly addicting.   So what exactly is it and how does it work?  Well at its most basic level you go out and collect materials like gold, diamonds, stone, redstone, water and lava...and then you can combine different materials to even create new substances.    Next up is survival mode but we'll get to that in a minute.   First, take a look at the video below and you'll get the idea. 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

* Creative and Surival game modes
* Randomized worlds
* Build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)
* Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

Coming back to Survival Mode you have to battle monsters while avoiding all kinds of not drowning in water and lava.    There's definitely an exploration element to the whole game and that's what makes it so fascinating.   The AI crafts some of the most incredible, immense structures, worlds, and lands to explore.   In mountains, fields, lowlands.   It's new every time you play and you can build bigger and more elaborate structures the longer you play.  Players often 'show off' their structures to show what they've created.   There's so much more to learn about MINECRAFT if you're not familar but suffice to say it has become one of the most popular games on multiple platforms and has quite following.   The 'Pocket' edition is a scaled down version but it gives you the full flavor of the game and is definitely worth checking out at the link below.


Wouldn't it be cool if you could take the graphics awesomeness of a CARS movie and make it into a video game where you got to drive your favorite cars in a variety of awesome racetracks?  Even better, what about adding some nitro to those racers and add in some absolutely stunning graphics, physics and a variety of control methods so that you can drive just like you like it.  Well friends, I think 'Reckless Racing' has finally met its match in 'Mini Motor Racing'...the coolest, funnest, most graphically awesome top down car racing game I've seen for Android yet.  Just take a look at the video below and tell me your mouth doesn't start to drool and your palms don't start getting sweaty.

Mini Motor Racing Launch Trailer (Android)

* OFFICIAL FRUIT NINJA LAUNCH BONUSES. Includes special themed tracks and cars for fruit mayhem enthusiasts!
* YOUR CHOICE OF CARS. Race in fully upgradeable cars, each with their own unique handling and style! Whether it be Sports, Hatch, Big-rig, Pick-up, School Bus, Hot Rod…the list goes on!
* WIN RACES, WIN CARS! Win races throughout the game and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the sweetest rides around including the official Fruit Ninja buggy!
* MANY RACE TYPES. Race on over 20 tracks, day and night, in varying weather conditions
* MULTIPLAYER. Up to 4 players via WiFi
* ENHANCED FOR FAST DEVICES. More eye-popping visual candy taking advantage of all that extra power!

This game is friggin awesome.  Ok, so you get a whole bunch of upgradeable cars to choose from including sports, big-rig, pick-up, schoolbus, hot rod and tons more.  There's over 20 awesome highly detailed tracks you can race in day or night and in varying weather conditions.  Play multiplayer or solo and you can ratchet up the graphical effects depending on how powerful your device is.  Now in order to play the game you need to 'download' it and it does take up a hefty 161MB...but it's worth it folks.    I just spent the last 30 minutes playing this and I can't tell you how fun it is to drive your schoolbus off a hill at full speed and smack into a bunch of racers crushing them as you see dirt flying up and real-time damage being done.  Great way to let off some steam.  It's only $1.99...a steal for such a high quality game if you ask me.   This one's gonna race up the charts in no time...I can feel it.  Grab it at Play.Google at the link below and get racing!

Toshiba Excite 10 Tablet

We first heard rumors of Toshiba's new super-thin 'Excite' tablet when I broke the news right here on over 6 months ago.   News traveled fast and soon the entire tech blogosphere was abuzz with what was rumored to be the sequel to the groundbreaking Thrive tablet.  It would several months however before Toshiba actually showed their new baby and we were a bit surprised to learn that the 'Excite' was actually a whole family of tablets in sizes from 7.7 to 10.1 to a massive 13.3 inches!  Still, up till now we haven't been able to actually purchase any of these new beauties but friends your patience has been rewarded and as the above video was worth the wait.   

You can now purchase the 10 inch Toshiba Excite in 16GB and 32GB flavors through the Toshiba website for $450/$520 respectively and pre-order the 64GB model for fairly reasonable $650.  All these price points are decidedly lower than similar spec tablets from Apple's iPad line and feature generous tech specs including 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 Gorilla Glass display, quad core, Tegra 3 processor, 12 core GPU, 1GB  DDR3 RAM, Full size SD card slot, microUSB and microHDMI ports, 5mp/2MP rear/front cameras and sporting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich onboard.


As much as I love all the latest high tech entertainment, gadget and games of 2012, once in a while it can get a little overwhelming and make me harken for the simplicity of some old fashioned, simpler entertainment.  This sentiment I'm sure is exactly what the makers of 'WoodeBox Puzzle' were counting on when they made this fantastic Android tablet game.  'WoodeBlock Puzzle' turns your Android phone or tablet into a virtual box of wooden blocks that you must arrange through 81 challenging, well crafted levels to complete.   The idea is're given a board with a space that must be filled of a certain shape.  You have a number of loose blocks that you must slide into position while maneuvering them around and with the other blocks on the board.  It's delightfully simple...yet very challenging as the boards increase in difficulty.  Take a look at the video below and you'll get an idea of how it all works.

Woodebox Puzzle Game

Now I like what the developers, Android A-Z, have done by introducing interactive elements into the boards.  Just when you think the entire game is going to consist of just sliding ever smaller and more complex arrangements of wood blocks they start to introduce sliding sections and rolling balls that will require you to time your movements or direct objects into other places with your blocks.   With 81 different boards, 'WoodeBlock Puzzle' gives you a decent amount of gameplay and it kind of reminds me of a mashup of some older classic puzzle games  like Tangram, Pentomino, Unblock me or Crossfingers.   Now the free version has limited graphics that only look good on phones so I've included the pay version link below.  It's only 0.99 so I think it's definitely worth it and it features upgraded graphics that will look good on your Toshiba Thrive's screen.  Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!


One of the most common customizations that tablet owners make once they get a little bored with stock OS on their device is typically to install a new launcher.   The launcher is your basic interface that allows you to choose, view and launch applications and typically is the main control panel and most often used screen on your device.   Now through the years there's been a lot of different launchers for the Android platform.  Back in the days of Gingerbread and even for Honeycomb you had such classics as 'Go Launcher' and 'Launcher Pro' and others.   Well now with Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 rocking our devices we have some new players on the scene and one of the most popular and feature rich is 'Apex Launcher' which I'm happy to announce has just 'launched' (pun intended) their Pro version just oozing with cool new features.   Just take a load of some below:

New Features:
- Multiple configurable drawer tabs
- Unread count notifications
- Dock swipe gestures
- Two finger gestures
- More transition effects
- Batch add option for folders
- Option to merge folder contents
- Widgets in dock (1x1 only)
- Overlapping widgets
- More features on the way!

Now if you're like me you like to 'trick out' your tablet with the coolest, most up to date and useful gizmos, widgets, gestures and effects that are available and that's just what 'Apex Launcher' gives you.  In addition to all your favorite staples Apex gives you Dock swipe gestures, overlapping widgets, tons of transitions  and we should also mention that 'Apex Launcher' is FAST.  You won't find no laggy screens or choppy starting apps with it installed.  It really makes Ice Cream Sandwich reach the potential that we knew it could (and that it should probably be out of the box) but hey...we don't want to be testy.  For a cool $3.99 we think 'Apex Launcher' is well worth the download and you can grab it at the link below at Play.Google.


I've been on somewhat of a 'floating app' kick recently.  Truth be told, one of the biggest grievances I have with Android is the inability to keep certain apps on screen in a multitasking kind of way...the kind of thing we take for granted in Windows.   Well one by one apparently Android developers are beginning to notice this void in the app ecosystem and while we don't have one 'floating super app' yet and while it's not baked into the actual Android OS yet we are getting some window'd floating apps appearing on the market.  The latest, OverSkreen by developer MBFG is a full functioned browser that you can float over any other open app that is running on your tablet.  In fact you can have multiple windows open at the same time which is a godsend if like me you like to glance at your Facebook feed, watch a YouTube video and surf the web all at the same time.   Want to see OverSkreen in action?  Take a look-see at the video below:

☆ Floating Browser for Android devices! (OverSkreen) ☆

Now, even without the floating, multi-window'd capabilities that OverSkreen brings this would be a nice upgrade from most standard browsers on your Android tablet.  Features include: private browsing, Adobe Flash support, tabbed browsing, system wide bookmarks and history, suggest while typing url bar, quick hide, chrome keyboard shortcuts and more!  OverSkreen has increased my productivity and reduced my need to close and open different apps on my tablet by at least 1/2 which makes this worth the $1.99 download price well worth it to me.  The developers welcome recommendations and are actively working on and improving the product so if you think of something you want to see in the next version make sure you email them and let them know.   If you spend a lot of time browsing on your Thrive tablet like I do then you'll come to think of OverSkreen as a godsend.  In fact it's so good I'd be surprised if Google doesn't implement some version of this floating browser ability in a future version of Android.  Grab OverSkreen in at the link below and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Death Rally on Android - Launch Trailer

Another weekend is upon us and of course here on that means it's time to blow off some steam with another hot Android game! There's no better way that I can think of doing just that than firing up a new game from the makers of Max Payne and Alan Awake...the scintillating top down car race shooter...Death Rally!  Now Death Rally features some really awesome graphics.  You'll be amazed at the great physics and little graphic details you'll see as your customized cars race around the many varied tracks crashing into each other, navigating obstacles and of course...blowing things up!  It's refreshing to see an Android game with this much graphic detail and a really original 'look' to it.  Check it out yourself in the video above. 

Now 'Death Rally' was a #1 hit for a while on the Apple platform.  'Death Rally' is free to play but it let's you play in career mode where you can upgrade your level and cars through in-app purchases, or for free through 'TapJoy' sponsored advertising...the choice is yours!    You have a large selection of cars you can customize and change factors such as health, speed, handling and armor characteristics.  You also choose weaponry from items like a shotgun, gatling gun, bumpers, sniper rifle, mines and more!   One of the coolest features of 'Death Rally' are the 'cameo's' that add a dose of personality to the game and show the faces of your competition.   If you're looking for a brainless, exciting and graphically interesting game to get out some stress this weekend I definitely recommend 'Death Rally'.  You can download it from the GooglePlay store at the link below.


First rumored back in the fall and shown in beta form during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Toshiba today officially introduced their new 'Excite' line of tablets featuring models with 7.7, 10 and a whopping 13 inch displays.  The company seems to have learned from many 'Thrive' owner's comments and have made substantial changes to the Excite line.  All of the models are super thin, feature textured aluminum backs...and come packed with Nvidia's Tegra 3 SOC (system on a chip).  Screen resolutions are as follows:  Excite 7.7:  1280 x 800, Excite 10 1280 x 800 and Excite 13: 1600 x 900.  The 7.7 features the same super AMOLED display that is in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. 

Now one of the most laudable features of the Thrive line was its inclusion of full size USB ports as well as other connectors and sadly due to the Excite's thin build a microUSB will have to do.  The Excite 10 and 13 do however include a full size SD Card slot as well as MicroHDMI.  Pricing for the 13 inch model will start at $650 for a 32GB model and go to $750 for a 64GB version.  The Excite 10 will $530 for the 32GB and $650 for 64GB and finally the 7.7 will start at $500 for the 16GB and go to $580 for a 32GB variant.    The company is being particularly vocal on the uniqueness of the Excite 13 and is pitching it as a 'family' tablet that can be used by multiple users in the home.  We'll be curious to see if there's a market for an Android tablet this large.  What do you think?  Is Toshiba on the right track with the new Excite line of tabs?  Would you buy one?

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