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I had a Chinese ePad tablet that was my first introduction to tablets for $200+. It came with a fake leather case with a built-in USB keyboard. I was able to use this same case on my ViewSonic g-Tablet by modifying one of the clips that interfered with the USB port. It turns out that the same case and keyboard work fine with the Thrive. I had to modify the other clip slightly to clear the USB connector. All of this fuss over the size of the Thrive is wasted on me. The exterior dimensions are close to those of the aPad and the g-Tablet. the extra thickness and non slip back actually works to my advantage with this case. The g-Tablet is slightly thinner and slippery so I had to use a Velcor strip to keep it from falling out. This made it somewhat difficult to remove. There's no such problem with the Thrive. Essentially it's a perfect fit.

These cases are sometimes advertised on Ebay for the Malata Z-Pad which is apparently almost the same as the ePad I started with.

There are two currently listed under zPad keyboard on Ebay. The one that looks exactly like mine is ad number 320674422397. The other has the clips located in slightly different places. It may be crude patch job were the left tab was relocated to miss the USB port on the g-Tablet. At least some of these look like they modified the original. I think the original is actually better for the Thrive since the clip on the left is higher up from the bottom. All I had to do was cut a notch in one edge of the right tab about 1/4" wide and 1/4" deep. I used a tool called a "nibbler" which used to be available at Radio Shack. I had to finish it with a file since the nibbler wouldn't cut close enough to the edge. The only problem is what to do with the USB port cover. I may simly remove it after my return period is over. For now I just tiuck it behind the tablet and it's out of the way.

I am really pleased with my Thrive which arrived late Friday afternoon. So far the only app from my Droid 2.2 phone and my g-Tablet that it doesn't run is the one for "The Week" magazine. I get a force close on start up every time. The screen is definitely superior to the ViewSonic, whose bad screen view angles are a weak point.


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