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Author Topic: Sort of a comparison thread... Asus TF vs. Thrive  (Read 1526 times)


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Sort of a comparison thread... Asus TF vs. Thrive
« on: August 31, 2011, 10:48:57 pm »

Ok, I have a couple of specific questions about performance before I purchase my Thrive over the Asus TF...

1) How does the SD card slot perform using a MicroSD in an adapter vs. a standard SD card in the slot.

2) Viewing angles - or more importantly - viewing angles in outdoor lighting... A) Does the Thrive work well outdoors (or as well as any other tablet) or B) Does it have the anti-glare screen protector options that the TF has?

3) Honestly, with the Excite coming soon, how does everyone feel about 3rd party app support/vendor support for the Thrive 6 months from now?

4) Finally, I have been rooting Android stuff since the Samsung Moment, but bricking a tablet still freaks me out - what major things are missing from the Thrive out of the box that I would need to root to get - besides the obvious Netflix thing...