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Title: problems since 3.2 update
Post by: granzig76 on December 02, 2011, 03:58:03 pm
Has anyone else experienced the following problems since the update to honeycomb 3.2

1. wifi does not automatically turn off when screen is off even though the it is set up that way. it only turns off if i manually turn it off

2. automatic reboots when in sleep mode

3. the HDMI no longer works

These are the current issues i have seen since the update. Also if anybody knows the customer service email for toshiba i will address these issues to them directly, but  all  I was able to locate was a phone number for warranty and I don't know if this is a warranty issue or something that can be fixed via OTA updates. My thrive did not have any of these issues prior to the 3.2 update. maybe if the thrive receives (not holding my breath) the ICS update all of these issues will go away.