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Author Topic: Arstechnica Gives The Thrive's USB A Workout And Falls In Love  (Read 790 times)


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Toshiba Thrive USB support

In this world of 'me too' android tablets it was important for Toshiba to differentiate the Thrive so as not to fall through the cracks.  One of the main ways Toshiba did that was by emphasizing full size ports to make the Thrive the most connected Honeycomb tablet available.  Arstechnica just released their in-depth review of the Thrive and they made a little video showing how useful the full size USB port is for various uses.  They tried plugging everything they could into the USB port...a mouse, keyboard, gaming controllers...and the Thrive handled everyone like a pro.  Watch the video above and see why the addition of something as simple as a full size USB can make the Thrive so much more convenient to use over all its competitors.



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Re: Arstechnica Gives The Thrive's USB A Workout And Falls In Love
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2011, 06:56:41 pm »
Of course being a der brain I always thought full size USB would just be great for transferring and storing extra files. But plug and play game controllers or keyboards that work straight out of the box! Amazing.