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dvd and cd burners


I have both a CD and a DVD burn. The thrive will not recognize either of them. They are suppost to be plug and play. Any help out there. U can contact me directly thanks

I don't know of any android tablet that supports cd or dvd players/burners out of the box.   Not sure if Android has those kinds of drivers built-in.  Remember this isn't Windows we're talking about.  What exactly are you trying to do?  Burn a movie from your Thrive to a dvd?

I would like to watch movies and play music on it, and if i wanted to burn a movie or music. thanks for responding

As far as I know you can't use the thrive as a video or music 'monitor' in that way. You'd have to convert the video or audio files into a format the Thrive media player can play like .mp3 or .avi and then transfer those files over to the tablet and play them within Android's media player app.

Android is not Windows.  It's very different in functionality, drivers, how it works etc.  There 'may be' some program out there that allows you to use the Thrive's screen and speakers as a monitor but I don't know of one offhand.  Typically you have to convert and then transfer any multimedia files onto any Android tablet to play them.  Now playing video outside a Thrive from a file that is playing on the Thrive can be done using the HDMI port.  For instance playing a video that is on your Thrive on a tv set.  But that's different than what you want.

For movies on your Thrive most people use a streaming service like Netflix and for music a service like Pandora or Rhapsody.  All of their content is already converted into digital format.


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