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Thrive SD Card?

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Does the Toshiba Thrive have an SD Card Slot?

Yes, the Toshiba Thrive has a full-size SD card slot.

Which size SD Card is best for use with the Thrive?  Also, if you have a Smartphone which cards are compatible to use in both?


RK :-\

The short answer I guess would depends.    I don't think there's actually a limit in size you can use but I'd probably think 32GB is the best cost/size benefit ratio.  I probably would splurge a few bucks and get a class 2 or 4 speed so read times would be snappy but it probably doesn't matter for most.  As for the smartphone question...I think that depends more on the specific smartphone's capability doesn't it?

I think I did read that the MAX SD card is a 128 but I could be wrong. 128 is too much anyway so I would stick with a 32GB. Remember, it's a SD card slot so if you take the card out of your phone you'll need to carry the MicroSd adapter with you


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