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What's with Quickoffice?


Hit the icon for the preloaded Quickoffice (think that's the name) and a registration form came up.  Filled out the info they wanted and entered and the screen went blank and now NOTHING!

Has anyone had this problem?  Is it supposed to work, duh?

Also anyone found an App that will allow use of MS Office applications, esp. Word and Excel?

Quickoffice Pro HD lets you create, view and edit MS Office docs.  not sure why your stopped working after rigistering. Maybe try downloading a fresh copy from the Android market at this link:

TY, Babbyface, but that didn't get me anything?  I see Quick office Pro HD, but it costs $20.  Is this supposed to be preloaded at no cost?

I don't mind paying if it isn't included.

Btw, thanks for the fast responses!

I think the QuickOffice that comes with the Thrive is just the demo version.  It works for like 30 days but then you have to pay.  Might as well just download the one from the market and get the full version from the start.  Or you can try documents to go...but I've heard QuickOffice HD is supposed to be better to be honest.

Pro ProcedUre is the best App for working with Office products


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