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Title: 'Deeper': The Smart Fish Finder For Android Let's You Catch More, Wait Less!
Post by: Babyfacemagee on June 10, 2012, 06:03:11 pm

Back in the day when I, Babyfacemagee was just a wee lad I used to go on fishing trips with my father and brother.  We'd put our bait on the hook and cast our rod and then sit and sit and sit.  Hopefully we'd get a nibble or two and even catch a few fish but overall it was a waiting game with more waiting...and less game.  As I got older with the introduction of fishfinders we would find ourselves catching more and more fish as the technology...and our use of better.  But those fishfinders were big, complex gadgets that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and they certainly weren't advanced in terms of usability.  Well now we're in a new age, 2012 and technology has advanced to the point where we're all carrying little supercomputers in our pockets called smartphones and reading webpages off of other supercomputers we call tablets.    Finally, a company, FridayLabs, has taken some of our modern day know how and applied it to the good old fishfinder in the form of 'Deeper', the first Android compatible sonar based fishfinder hardware and application you can run right off your Thrive tablet.   Take a look at the video below and you'll learn all about it.

Deeper - smart fishfinder for iOS and Android devices. (

Now what I love about 'Deeper' is that it's so small and yet puts the power of true sonar-based fish finding in your power.  Not only that but it works wirelessly and uses the power of your Android tablet or phone to access the great images and data that it transmits.  'Deeper' works in both fresh and salt water.  It You can see the bed of the body of water you're on and of course the sonar's imprint of any fish that are swimming above it along with their location.  You also get water temperature for more accurate info about possible species.  Using 'Deeper' is easy.  You simply attach a fishing line to the waterproof device and cast it to the approximate location that you will be fishing in.  It then pairs the data to your smart device.   When you're done you simply pull the device back to your boat, pier or whatever you're on and go along your way.  The 'Deeper' app will be available for free in the app store shortly but in the meantime you can order 'Deeper' for $25% off for only $149 (full price is $199).  If you're a fan of fishing we'd love to hear from you after you've given 'Deeper' a try and let us know how it works for you.  In the meantime you can find out more information and place your order at the link below.

Deeper Web Site (