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Ice Cream Sandwich For Toshiba Thrive


So do we know how often Google is planning on coming out with upgrades for Honeycomb?  I know we're up to version 3.1 of Android right now, but will we get ice cream sandwich when it comes out?

I'm guessing ICS will be version 4 of Android?

If so, I can't see why not. Most hardware will run around three or four versions of an OS, before the hardware becomes to old and therefore to slow or incompatible with the software.

Just a guess mind you.

Reading around different places about Android, ICS will be the next version of Android. It is designed to be suitable both for smart phones and tablets alike.

Jim the admin in another forum says that they will be upgrading us but it is now ready for prime time yet!

ICS update will be out by the end of spring, that officially from toshiba


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